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The name Pals comes from the Latin word Palus, which means marshland. The town is divided into 3 parts: Pals, Masos de Pals and Platja de Pals, and it has a population of about 2.900 inhabitants.  The location of the old part of the town is typical of villages on the Empordà plain; set on top of a low hill, known as Mont Aspre, overlooking a plain that was previously covered by ponds and marshes that were later dried out for cultivating rice.  


The earliest historical documents that refer to the village are from the 9th century, although the origins of the Gothic part of the town are much older.  Pals was one of the first Gothic walled precincts to be restored in this area and has received several prizes: • 1973 National Fine Arts Prize • 1980 National Fine Arts and Tourism Prize • 1986 Medal of Honour for Tourism in Catalonia awarded by the Catalan Government.  During the Spanish Civil War, the Gothic part of the town was badly destroyed and had no historical value at all until 1948, when Dr. Pi i Figueras and the then mayor, Mr. Pere Servià i Cantó, on their own initiative and helped by grants from Girona Regional Council, carried out the restoration of the medieval part, which lasted 30 years. 
Today, it is one of the most visited and best-preserved places in the region.

Masos de Pals was originally made up of scattered fortified farmhouses which are of great interest architecturally.  Nowadays, it is a highly populated area however, the old farmhouses and the 18th century church of Els Masos still make for interesting viewing.  
Platja de Pals, a wide sandy beach that stretches for 3.5 km, is an ideal place for practising any kind of water sports.

According to the writer Josep Pla from our Empordà area, ¨Pals shouldn’t only be visited once, it should be visited one hundred times¨.

Come and see Pals for yourself!

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