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Located in the heart of the Costa Brava, in the Baix Empordà, the town of Calonge currently has a population of 11,000 inhabitants. Calonge is a town with a long history in regard to the coexistence of people of different cultures. In the municipal register of registered persons over 60 nations are represented. Calonge offers sea, beaches (Sant Antoni de Calonge) and mountain scenery complemented by a wide range and choice of cultural and leisure activities. The road round Calonge Castle or the area of Santa Maria del Collet are also a major attraction of this town which, in addition to the recreational and leisure facilities, ensures a busy and varied programme for visitors of all ages during summer.



The town of Calonge has been inhabited since ancient times.  The existence of numerous dolmens and menhirs, dolmen Puigsesforques being one of the great Catalan megaliths and one of the closest to the sea, show us the prehistoric cultures´ interest in these parts.  The Iberian settlement of Castell Barri is one of the most important sites of the period.  The Roman´s chose the same place to build their summer villas.

The castle of Calonge, located in the old part of town, was built in the eighth century and became one of the greatest strengths of Baix Empordà.  Today, the castle is half palace, half fortress.  Another building that still exists today is the watchtower called Torre Valentina.  Located on the waterfront of Calonge, this tower was built in order to monitor potential pirate attacks.  Access is by an external staircase as the tower has no door or stairs inside.  In the late eighteenth century, Calonge saw the building of cork factories which brought economic growth and wealth to the area lifiting social development. The Civil War rocked the stability of Calonge and the post-war period accentuated the deep crisis that resulted due to the decline of the cork industry of Calonge.  Joblessness caused many people to emigrate from the area. The arrival of tourism, first, and later the establishment of democracy, helped Calonge to once again grow into an economically and demographically important town.  It has also become one of the best resort towns of the Costa Brava, having at present a wide variety of excellent restaurants, bars, small hotels on the beach and some of the most renowned campsites in Spain.


Besides the beaches of Calonge - Sant Antoni, Calonge has a hidden landscape, which has been preserved over the centuries around the world of wine. The villas and farmhouses have maintained this landscape of vineyards that are threaded into the surrounding mountains and a visit to these vineyards and cellars is not to be missed.  One of the remarkable attractions of the area is that they have two very different ways to make wine; it´s like opening the door to two worlds and two ways of understanding the viticulture and wine.


The cuisine of Calonge is the fruit of many years of tradition; the kitchen mixing sea and mountain, which has given extraordinary combinations.  It is this combination of the relationship of the village to the sea, and also to its agriculture and surrounding mountain, which offers a unique culinary repertoire.  From the terraces of the restaurants of Passeig de Sant Antoni diners can almost touch the sea, and from the restaurants in Calonge they will experience the tradition of an ancient kitchen.

Music Festivals

The courtyard of the castle is where, for more than four decades, the people of Calonge and its visitors have experienced a varied repertoire of concerts during the months of July and August.  This space has excellent acoustics for concerts ranging from jazz standards to flamenco, to the Sardana and classical music.

Fairs and Festivals

Calonge has kept its roots and traditions over the years.  The Winter Festival de Calonge, Sant Martí for the Summer Festival de Calonge, during the second weekend of July, and the Festival of Sant Antoni, held on the last weekend of August, are some of the festivals which continue to maintain their vitality.  In addition The Fair Pavilion, a space of over 2,000 m2, periodically hosts various events.

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